Cold End Cutting Line

After a dozen times of improvements, the cold end equipments designed and manufactured by ZGIEC have become the approved product and have been installed onto many production lines. It adopts frequency modulation and speed regulation system and servo system and has stepless transmitting speed variation and stable operation. Touch screen is adopted and easy to operate.

Main Technical Index:
1. The radial direction run-out of the conveying roller is ≤ 0.1 mm.
2. The static balance of the conveying roller is ≤ 1kg.
3. The deflection of the roller is ≤ 1mm.
4. The error of center line balance of any roller is ≤ 1mm.
5. The whole length relative error of level wave is l≤ ±1mm.
6. The whole length glass deviation of the cold end roller is ≤ 20mm.

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